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Building Your Jungle From the Bottom Up



Join us at the wiston salem reptiday saturday, april 6th!

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*Our 4th giveaway via SEDF (Southeastern Dart Froggers) on Facebook is CLOSED. ROBBIE BUTTS is our winner! Stay tuned for our 5th giveaway, and join today!

Website is under continual construction. Please be patient and contact us for availability or pictures, as not all inventory has attached images or is reflected .*

We are currently building a brand new website - stay tuned!*

Our Story 

FrogDaddy has been selling frogs since 2016, and was officially created in 2018. The hobby itself began in late 2011 when we purchased our first poison dart frogs. Since then, we have obtained 102 different locales represented by 5 genera of poison dart frog. We are excited to be an integral part of the captive breeding efforts done in the United States for these beautiful animals. Our mission is to produce high-quality flora, fauna, and dry goods for hobbyists, universities, research labs, and zoological facilities. We hope to provide the greatest possible experience here at FrogDaddy, and impart information regarding the conservation of poison dart frogs and their habitats.

The Short Guide to Shipping.


*Please read our full "Shipping Information" section under the information tab (or above) before ordering*

This map is a key for what shipping option to select when ordering frogs. Frogs must be ordered alone. They cannot and will not be combined with other items.

*We only ship live organisms (frogs, feeders, plants) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you place an order after 3:00pm on Wednesday, your item(s) will not be shipped until the following Monday. 

The website's items are in a hierarchy. The hierarchy is as follows: feeders, live plants, leaf litter, dry goods.

Therefore, if you bought feeders, live plants, and some dry goods, you would select the feeders shipping option. If you bought live plants, leaf litter, and dry goods, you would select the live plants shipping option.

Note: This is temporary until we receive enough business to upgrade the shipping commerce platform. Thank you for your patience as we grow!