Pre-Order and Availability List: Fall 2018 - Summer 2019

Here at FrogDaddy, we tend to have two major sales. These sales take place during April - May (Spring), and October - November (Fall). During this time, we will put our entire inventory of ship-ready frogs up for sale.

Many individuals have voiced their opinions on this, and we have listened! Pre-orders are now in effect for those who wish to claim frogs as they grow into their 2-3 month out of the water shipping age (Ranitomeya, Epipedobates, and Dendrobates) or 3-5 month out of the water shipping age (Oophaga). 

The list below are the frogs that MAY be available within the Fall 2018 - Fall 2019 year. Unexpected events may occur that prevent certain frogs or quantities of frogs to be ready on time. Therefore we cannot guarantee, 100%, that any of these frogs will be ready by the fall or spring sale.


  • galactonotus "Red"


  • auratus "Pena Blanca"

  • auratus "Costa Rican Green and Black"

  • auratus “Columbian Green and Blue”

  • auratus "Highland Bronze"

  • auratus "Green and Bronze"

  • auratus “Turquoise and Bronze”

  • auratus "Rio Cascajal"

  • leucomelas "Standard"

  • leucomelas "Fine Spot"

  • leucomelas “Banded”

  • tinctorius "Robertus"

  • tinctorius "Patricia"

  • tinctorius "Citronella"

  • tinctorius "Azureus"

  • tinctorius "Powder Blue"

  • tinctorius "Lorenzo"

  • tinctorius “Oyapock”

  • tinctorius “Table Mountain”

  • tinctorius “Yellowback”


  • anthonyi "Santa Isabel"

  • anthonyi "Rio Saladillo”

  • tricolor “Moraspungo”


  • bicolor


  • amazonica "French Guiana"

  • amazonica “Arena Blanca”

  • amazonica "Iquitos"

  • variabilis "Highland"

  • imitator "Nominal"

  • imitator "Baja Huallaga"

  • imitator "Chazuta"

  • imitator "Yumbatos"

  • imitator "Banded"

  • fantastica "Caynarachi"

  • fantastica "Lowland"

  • fantastica "True Nominal"

  • fantastica "Varadero"

  • fantastica "Monte Cristo"

  • sirensis "Biolat"

  • sirensis "Highland"

  • benedicta "Shucushuyacu"

  • vanzolinii (UE line)

  • vanzolinii (EU line)

  • reticulata "Solid"


  • pumilio "Bastimentos - Cemetery Orange" - yellow to gold dust offspring

  • pumilio "Bastimentos - Cemetery Orange" - intense, bright orange. Some of the best on the market...ask us for pictures.

  • pumilio "Salt Creek"

  • pumilio "Rio Branco" - no production yet, but a “proven group”

  • pumilio "Rio Colubre" - a mix of darker and lighter, spotted offspring


  • More frogs may be available; however, this is the probable availability. Subject to change at any time. Pre-order instructions are below.


Please post your name in the FOLLOWING format:

  • First name, Last Name (Alex Menke.)

  • the frogs you wish to reserve.

  • A way to contact you (ex: Facebook messenger, instagram dm, email, phone, etc) if you choose phone or email, Do not put your contact information or specific information in the comment section for your own protection, as this is a public page. please write: phone number or email, and then proceed to contact me with the specific information privately.

Then, please contact me with a way to reach you. You can find me on facebook (Alex Menke /, email, dm on instagram at frogdaddy_, or use the "contact us" section. Simply remove / edit your comment to this post at any time to change your desired pre-order. Pre-orders will be fulfilled in the order of comments, oldest to newest. Failure to follow these directions, especially with contacting us, will potentially render us unable to fulfill your pre order. 

Thank you! 

***after your order has been fulfilled / terminated, it will be deleted.